Insurance at a Glance

We have a team of specialist that are here to assist you, in filing your claim to the insurance company. We also inspect areas of damage, and possible future issues, that may need to be resolved. We know what the insurance company needs, and therefore makes it easier on the customer, throughout the work needed to be completed.

Insurance Steps

Step 1. Assessment:

A member of our team, will assess the damage to the property.

Step 2. File Insurance Claim:
The Assessor of the damage will contact the insurance company, and report a new claim.

Step 3. Claim Revision Step:

We will send all new invoices recieved, for the insurance company to review.

Step 4. Roof Installation:

The final moment comes where you get your new roof, and one more customer is left happy.

Common Types of Damage

Did a hail storm tear up your roof? Did tree fall on your house? Did a semi-truck go through your front door? Did a wind storm blow off some shingles? These are all common types of damage. Prehaps you woke up one day and looked outside and said "That is a lot of damage!" No matter your issue, Simon will do our very best to resolve your issue, and guide you through your insurance claim process. We are there to help!

Quick Guide to Insurance

Feel free to use the quick guide, to the left, as an assistant in the insurance process. This guide was generously created and provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.